Antique Pocket Knives

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Antique pocket knives are considered valuable items in the world of knife collecting. During the era of World War I and II, pocket knives where considered innovative and useful tools which have many uses for tasks such as cooking, repair, tracking and even self defense. Every utility man had used antique pocket knives and brought a couple of them to work. In extreme cases, it can be used as an emergency tool. During the 1920’s, hundreds of companies around United States have been established to manufacture antique pocket knives. It provided thousands of jobs for Americans during the great depression.

Antique George Wostenholm Sheffield IXL Folding Pocket Knife Stag Handle

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Antique Winchester 3 Blade Lobster Folding Pocket Knife 3301 Pearl Handle Shield

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Vintage Antique Sterling Silver MOP Folding Fruit Pocket Knife

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Antique Mother of Pearl - Large Pocket Knife - Vintage Art Deco

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Vintage UK & R Co. Knife/ Pocket Knife/ PARTS/ REPAIR/ USA Made/ Antique Knives

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Antique 14k solid gold George Wostenholm pocket knife - Sheffield, England

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Vintage / Antique Barlow Folding Pocket Knife

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Case Pocket Knife, Awesome looking Canoe, Antique bone scales, 62131 SS #31742

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Antique Yugoslavian Silver side Miniature Pocket Knife

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Antique French 1820 Pocket Knife

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Antique Imperial 2 Blade Jigged Bone Sleeveboard Pocket Knife

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Nowadays, decade old antique pocket knives are collectible items which could be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. There are a number of historically significant persons from the military, political and revolutionary sector which kept an antique pocket knife. President Wilson, Roosevelt and Eisenhower all possessed a personal pocket knife. General MacArthur, a notable military figure during World War II used a number of antique pocket knives as utility tools for his different tasks.

The value of antique pocket knives is significant due to it usefulness and practicality. Its practical qualities lie in the ease of how it can be kept at any container or pocket and can be brought anywhere. Today, manufacturing of pocket knives have continued as millions of repairmen, technicians and gardeners use pocket knives in a daily basis. Swiss army pocket knives are the more notable brand of pocket knife manufacturer since it added so many features to it, including a bottle opener, scissors and cork opener. The constant development of the pocket knife makes it an essential tool which can be used by anyone.


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